Arrest extended for former director of Vladimir Avtopribor

Arrest extended for former director of Vladimir Avtopribor
Aleksey Melnikov

The Oktyabrsky District Court of Vladimir has left former director of Avtopribor plant Aleksey Melnikov, the term of arrest for whom was due to expire on January 15, in custody for two more months.

The court has granted the petition of ICR investigator Novozhilov, who attributed the investigation request to extend the suspect's arrest to the need to complete the investigation in a number of additional episodes.

According to the investigator, if the measure of restraint had been changed to a milder one, Melnikov could have exerted pressure on witnesses or abscond.

Aleksey Melnikov, who was detained in August 2016, suspected of crimes under Art. 196 (Intentional Bankruptcy), Art. 160 (Embezzlement), and Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code (Abuse of Authority). Originally, a case of tax evasion had been opened, according to which Melnikov was later found guilty and pardoned.

According to investigation, in 2008-2011, VTB Bank gave Avtopribor a loan for the development of production in the amount of 1.49 billion rubles. After returning 115 million rubles to the bank, in May 2012, Melnikov stopped making the compulsory payments and interest payments to the credit institution.

In addition, the ex-director of the plant transferred Avtopribor property units to the organizations controlled by his sons, making it impossible for creditors and tax authorities to recover the debt at the expense of company's property, as the materials in the criminal case report. Then, bankruptcy procedure was initiated. According to investigators, the creditors (including VTB) suffered damage in the amount of 143 million rubles.

The Vladimir plant Avtopribor is Russia's largest producer of electrical equipment and other components for domestic cars, buses, and other vehicles. The company supplies its products to the majority of car industry in Russia and CIS.



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