Anton Zingarevich suspected of stealing 1 billion rubles from MTS Bank

Anton Zingarevich suspected of stealing 1 billion rubles from MTS Bank
Anton Zingarevich

Investigators claimed that some of the stolen money were used for a Moscow Region hockey club, owned by the businessman.

The Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has opened a criminal case against a prominent businessman, the owner of Energostroyinvest-holding Open Joint Stock Company, Anton Zingarevich. The businessman is suspected of Swindling with credit in the amount of 1 billion rubles from MTS Bank. He funneled some of those funds abroad, and the rest one used to support his hockey club Atlant. In the nearest future, Zingarevich will be charged in accordance with the law.

A criminal case under the article Swindling on an especially large scale in the financing area (Part 4 Art. 159.1 of the Russian Criminal Code) was opened at the request of management of MTS-Bank in the Tverskoy Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow. According to Kommersant, Zingarevich is not the only person involved in. The second defendant in the case of Swindling is CEO of the same company, Konstantin Shishkin, who also heads the company Engineering Center Limited Liability Company (Energo Engineering Center).

The investigators claim that Anton Zingarevich and Konstantin Shishkin became accomplices in the conspiracy for the Swindling of the loan from MTS-Bank. Following a premeditated criminal plan developed in 2013, Shishkin asked MTS-Bank on behalf of Energo for a loan of 1 billion rubles. The companies included in the holding of Anton Zingarevich - Energostroyinvest, Novaya Inzhiniringovaya Kompaniya LLC, and Setstroykomplekt LLC, became pledgers. The companies had provided misrepresentations about their activities, on the basis of which the bank approved the loan with repayment period being March 2015. On December 27, 2013 the entire amount of the loan was transferred to the account of the company. Then owners made a settlement on third parties by transferring the money to the accounts of credit-pledger companies. Thus, Anton Zingarevich used the credit issued by MTS-Bank to repay his debt before St. Petersburg Bank, and also – to support his hockey club Atlant, which the businessman had bought in 2013. The remain sum of the loan was transferred abroad. Energo did not pay interest on the loan, and in January 2015 was declared bankrupt.

Curiously, this was not the first time when the name of Anton Zingarevich was connected with loans' contrivance. As The CrimeRussia previously wrote, in November 2015 law enforcement officers had conducted searches in the apartment of the Energostroyinvest owner and in the house of his father, ex-member of Russian Grids's Board of Directors and co-owner of the Ilim Group, Boris Zingarevich. At the time, the investigative activities were initiated after a complaint from Alfa-Bank. The companies included in Energostroyinvest (Energo Engineering Center LLC, Novaya Inzhiniringovaya Kompaniya LLC (NIK), Energo Project Center LLC, and others) obtained 10 security bonds from Alfa-Bank in the amount of 5.6 billion rubles for the construction of high-voltage lines power of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System.

Globex Bank, which had disbursted a loan worth 1.5 billion rubles to NIK, also accused Energostroyinvest of Swindling. Soon afterwards, NIK was declared bankrupt.

It is worth noting that the case of funds' embezzlement from MTS-Bank Anton Zingarevich was firstly mentioned. Previous cases featured "unidentified persons from the company's management," and the investigations ended with the signing of the negotiated settlement agreements.



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