Another criminal case initiated against convicted Head of bank Volga-Credit

Another criminal case initiated against convicted Head of bank Volga-Credit
Tatyana Yerilkina

The former head of the Board of Directors of the bankrupt Samara Bank, who was convicted in April 2016 for fraud, is once again accused under the same article.

The former Board Chairmain of JSC Commercial Bank Volga-Credit Tatiana Yerilkina is charged under the Article of the Criminal Code (Swindling committed by a person through his official position, as well as on a large scale), the Prosecutor’s Office reported. 

The investigation believes that Yerilkina caused the Bank Volga-Credit damage in the amount of 272 million rubles.

Earlier, Tatiana Yerilkina was a suspect in the two criminal cases: on the theft of money from the same bank’s accounts, and on the case of fraud with the money of the IKK Renome LLC.

In April 2016, she was sentenced by the Samara Court to five and a half years in prison. After the verdict of the court, Yerilkina was immediately taken by the ambulance with suspected preinfarction angina.

On July 19, the Samara Regional Court heard the appeal against the sentence and recalled the previous judgment, justified the former banker and gave her right to rehabilitation. However, the regional Prosecutor's Office does not agree with this decision. The deputy Alexander Khinshtein also intends to seek the just and more severe sentence.

According to the materials of the case, the damage from Yerilkina’s fraud with bills amounted to no less than 174 million rubles.

The license of the bank Volga-Credit was revoked by the Central Bank on December 30, 2014.



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