Anatoly Motylev, suspected in embezzlement of 100 billion rubles, is trying to save his property

Anatoly Motylev, suspected in embezzlement of 100 billion rubles, is trying to save his property
Anatoly Motilev

Former banker and owner of nongovernmental pension funds, who lives in London, is lodging an appeal to court.

 Former banker and owner of nongovernmental pension funds Anatoly Motylev personnaly tries to controvert custody of his Russian property. Searches and seizure of financial documents from the offices, flats and houses, owned by former Russian Credit Bank owner started in February 2016. Court initiated criminal case against Anatoly Motylev under art. 159 para. 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – «embezzlement on a large scale». The investigation suspects the businessman in speculations with depositors’ finances of Mosstroyeconombank controlled by him. According to the investigation, Motylev with his accomplices transferred money from the accounts of bank’s companies to fly by night companies, after what they cashed out money and embezzled it.  However, investigators could not question the former banker, because he lives in London.

In 2015 the Central Bank terminated licenses of several financial institutions, which belonged to Motylev. Among those were not only Mosstroyeconombank and Russan Credit, but also Tulsky Promishlennik and AMB Bank, which belongs to businessman non-officially. Deposit insurance agency believes that these institutions had a financial hole estimated at 80 billion rubles.  Licenses of National Pension Funds of Motylev – Solntse. Zhizn. Pensia, Solnechnoe Vremya, Adekta Pensia, Uraloboronzavodsky, Zashita Budushego, Sberegatelny Fund Solnechny Bereg and Sberegatelny – were also terminated. They controlled about 60 billion of citizens’ pension savings.

Basmanny district court arrested businessman’s property, including flats, real estates and land parcels in Odintsovo district of around Moscow on application of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow to extinguish the damage.  Though, according to deposit insurance agency divestiture of Motylev’s assets cannot compensate even one fifth of the Central Bank’s expenses on payments to juridical and physical persons assured in his financial empire. Now, the businessman tries to return his property through court, while living in Great Britain. At the same time, appellate instance of the Moscow City Court even made him a favor by removing an attachment from part of the banker’s assets. Investigation of the criminal case against Anatoly Motylev continues. Deposit insurance agency already extinguishes damages to depositors of former financial organizations. 



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