Amount of damage in Spetsstroy case announced

Amount of damage in Spetsstroy case announced

The Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) of the Russian Federation Aleksander Buryakov was charged with embezzlement of 450 million rubles on subcontracts for nine projects of the Ministry of Defense.

“I am suspected of stealing of 450 million rubles related to nine subcontracted projects of the Ministry of Defense. Two of these projects have been completed, as reported by the commander in Сhief. The rest are of various degree of completion. I want to assist the investigators. I am not going to hide,” said the defendant while asking to release him from custody. Nevertheless, the Moscow City Court upheld the earlier decision of the Tverskoy Court, keeping Buryakov in detention.

Previously, in early July, Spetsstroy Deputy Head had been arrested as part of the case under part 4 of Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). Back then it was also reported that Buryakov’s office and apartment were searched as part of the investigation, resulting in seizure of working documentation. It was noted that the public servant was arrested exactly one year after his appointment on July 6, 2015.

According to the sources, Buryakov had a variety of responsibilities as the Deputy Head of Spetsstroy: he performed project inspection, including the construction projects built on the orders of the Ministry of Defense, as well as performed duties as the director of Aleksander Volosov’s Agency during his absence.

As reported by the CrimeRussia’s interlocutors in Spetsstroy, shortly after that, Buryakov’s arrest became the cause of Volosov’s behind-the-scene resignation. At the same time, official representatives of the agency denied this information and claimed that Major General Volosov continued to perform his duties.

The CrimeRussia’s sources also told that Volosov’s second Deputy Aleksander Mordovets has become the prime suspect of a criminal case of swindling. According to them, the Agency executives' representative Aleksander Khodos and a former Spetsstroy employee Aleksander Zagorulko are to be arrested in connection with this case in the nearest future. 



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