Aeroflot top manager steals over $400.000 meant to bribe a judge

Aeroflot top manager steals over $400.000 meant to bribe a judge

25 million rubles ($444.000) was the amount that ensured the court would rule in favor.

Andrey Sharikov, the director of Aeroflot construction department, is suspected of a 25-million-ruble fraud. He took this money from an energy company to hand it over as a bribe to the judge, according to the Moscow interregional Investigative Department on Transport of the Investigative Committee.

A company sued Aeroflot PJSC in November 2014 at the Moscow Arbitration Court for over 120 million rubles ($2m) to make up for electricity consumption under the agreement between Aeroflot and Energoholding. The court fully satisfied the claim of the plaintiff. Meanwhile, it became obvious to Energoholding, which apparently acted as an intermediary in the transaction, that Aeroflot could demand said amount from the company in a regression order, i.e. in the event that the harm would have to be compensated at the fault of a third party.

Energoholding founder and general director decided to remedy the situation with a bribe of 25 million rubles that Sharikov was to hand over to the judge of the Arbitration Appeals Court. However, having received the money in two stages between May and June 2015, he simply kept it.

We should mention that Sharikov had been detained already last September and was initially charged with stealing 21 million directly from Aeroflot. According to the investigation, acting in collusion with Energoholding, he would overstate the indicators of electricity consumption, keeping the difference. The case was initiated under Article Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). And if earlier he had been under house arrest, now he is imprisoned, reports say. However, Sharikov himself does not admit his guilt.



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