Administration of RAO sought help of Ministry of Justice 

Administration of RAO sought help of Ministry of Justice

So far, the arrested Head of RAO Sergey Fedotov is in jail, a struggle for power unfolds in RAO.

Administration of the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) sent a letter to the Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov, asking him not to make any changes into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The reason for treatment was the information that some members of the RAO intend to convene an extraordinary conference to solve the outstanding problems in the RAO - "take urgent measures of organization of financial recovery, to resolve other pressing issues."

The current administration of the RAO saw for itself a threat and said that the appeal "is at least a provocation against members of RAO, aimed at destabilizing the work of the RAO". In the statement to the Ministry of Justice, the Deputy of General Director Sergey Fedotov, Vera Fedotova, said that the main purpose of this conference is to establish control over the illegal organization by the dissolution of the existing organs of the organization's management.

Also in the statement to the Minister of Justice Vera Fedotova said that an assembling of the extraordinary conference made by anonymous group of individuals. Meanwhile, at the time of sending the statement to the Ministry (4 August 2016) under the statement there were given contacts of treatment's initiators: the poet and writer Alexander Vulyh, poet Sergey Sashin, composers Igor Mateta and Evgeny Kobylyansky.

On his page on the social network Alexander Vulyh commented on the accusations of Fedotova in anonymity and attempt of raider attacks in RAO: "It turns out that I, along with the honored artist of Russia Sergey Trofimov, Igor Sarukhanov, Alexey Glyzin, a composer Eugene Kobylyansky, Igor Matete, poets Sergey Sashin, Konstantin Arsenev, Herman Vitke, Lyubov Voropaeva, Sergey Russkih, and - many other unknown assailants, whose works, for some reason, are known and loved by the whole country, plus, the almost thirty-six thousand signatures for our petition to stop the chaos in the RAO; but, for some reason, we are enter in an organized criminal group (i.e., OCG), which is going to carry out raider seizure of the Russian Authors' society! <...> It turns out that we, trying to stop the blatant theft and corruption in the walls of the copyright community and achieving transparency in its activities in the collection and distribution of copyright means, commit an offense and destabilize the work of the organization! So, Author, you should know - if you are being robbed and stripped, taken from you your hard-earned money, if you are humiliated and dipped face into the dirt to sniff cocaine by masters of life, living in a London flat and Scottish castles, and you at the same time trying to protect yourself and your rights, it means - you're a criminal, and the raider invader with the anonymous face and you are unknown person".

Text of initiative group of authors with an appeal to stop the “criminal situation that has evolved and continues to evolve in the RAO", was also published on the website Authors expressed the desire to terminate powers of the General Director of the RAO Sergey Fedotov, who was arrested for a swindling case, and generate new executives bodies.

The same members of the RAO have previously published on the website petition " We demand to stop the chaos in the RAO", directed to the authorities, including the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

According to initiators of the extraordinary summit conference, despite the fact that Sergey Fedotov was arrested on the fact of theft of the RAO's property, in the organization nothing has changed: "We are still unable neither to manage the organization nor participate in its activities...” Currently, the organization is headed by V. V. Fedotov and the corrupted the Authors’ Board. RAO management makes nothing but empty statements. Conducting an independent audit, fixing the accountability, introducing software that will allow making royalties collection and distribution system transparent, is out of question. It is noted that authors currently do not receive statements and royalties, to which they are entitled”.

Members of the RAO Authors’ Board have previously posted to the CrimeRussia that the rights of the Authors’ Board are rather formal; in fact, decisions are taken by a narrow circle of managers, namely, Sergey Fedotov’s mother Vera Fedotova. 

It should be reminded that CrimeRussia has previously posted the investigation of a close relationship between Sergey Fedotov and the President of the Russian Union of Right Holders and the Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov. After Fedotov’s arrest, Mikhalkov signed a petition to mitigate the preventive measure against the head of RAO; a similar appeal was signed by 16 members of the RAO Authors’ Board. “Today, the Moscow City Court considers the appeal of Fedotov’s lawyer aimed at amending his preventive measure. More likely, the lawyer will support his argument with the sixteen signatures of the corrupt members of the Authors’ Board and the Besogon’s (Nikita Mikhalkov) petition. But there are ten thousands of us, the ordinary writers! And we’re not going to keep silent,” stated the initiators of the RAO extraordinary conference convocation in their petition.

The Director General of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) Sergey Fedotov was indicted on June 30, 2016 under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). The maximum sentence under this article is up to 10 years of imprisonment. According to the official statement of the Russian Interior Ministry, officers of the Interior Ministry and the FSB identified fraudulent scheme of illegal alienation of the RAO assets. The caused damage to the organization, according to preliminary estimates, exceeded 500 million rubles. However, the lawyer insisted that the amount of actual caused damage amounts to 297 million rubles. At the request of the investigator, the Tagansky Court will keep him the director general in custody until August 17.



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