Accused of embezzlement in Tatfondbank to be released?

Accused of embezzlement in Tatfondbank to be released?
Timur Valshin

Director of the investment company TFB Finance Timur Valshin was released under recognizance not to leave.⁠

Figures of a high-profile criminal case upon embezzlement of depositors' money in Tatfondbank began to be released. The first released became director of TFB Finance Timur Valshin, who was in jail since February this year.

Investors were deceived to transfer money from the bank to TFB Finance, promising a more favorable interest and maintaining insurance coverage. However, at the end of 2016, investors failed to receive insurance payments, since they were no longer clients of the bank. The amount of the alleged damage is more than 1 billion rubles ($17.3m), and there are about thousand people as damaged.

In addition to Timur Valshin, his subordinates, head of the department of active operations Ilnar Abdulmanov and head of the client service department Rustam Timerbaev, as well as vice-presidents of the board of the TFB Sergey Meshchanov and Vadim Merzlyakov were arrested within the case.

Timur Valshin was released under recognizance not to leave with proper behavior. "The bulk of the investigative actions as for Valshin has been carried out. - reported in the ICR in Tatarstan. There are no grounds for his detention."

The lawyer of Timur Valshin, Boris Rybak, was unable to confirm the release of his client: "I personally have not seen him yet. - said Rybak. - He did not go out to communicate with me. His wife does not answer my phone calls yet."

Rybak believes that the release of his client is logical, because he was accused of what he did not commit.

"He was charged with the embezzlement of non-existent money, it was not available at the bank at that time," the lawyer is perplexed.

Recall that initially the criminal case was initiated and investigated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but recently, according to the decision of the regional Prosecutor's Office, it was transferred to the ICR in the Republic of Tatarstan. This decision was made in connection with "the possible involvement of Robert Musin (former head of the TFB, accused of multi-billion plunders) to implement the software product TFB Finance.

After the release of Valshin, local media reported that Abdulmanov and Timerbaev could be released in the near future, but this information is not confirmed.



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