Accused of $437-embezzlement former head of NPO Kosmos Andrey Chernyakov be extradited to Russia

Accused of $437-embezzlement former head of NPO Kosmos Andrey Chernyakov be extradited to Russia
Andrey Chernyakov

Warsaw Court reiterated the requirement of Russia’s Prosecutor-General’s Office to extradite a constructor of Alabyano-Baltiysky Tunnel.

According to Kommersant, Warsaw Court of Appeals dismissed a former head of NPO Kosmos Andrey Chernyakov’s complaint as to decision to extradite him to Russia on charges of 30 billion rubles embezzlement ($437 million).

Chernyakov attempted to satisfy the Polish Court that he can not go back to Russia. There may be a real threat to his life. However, the Court was not convinced by that argument. They accepted the decision to extradite him to Russia. Now, the case on the former head of NPO Kosmos is to be submitted to Poland’s justice ministry, and the final decision of his extradition is to be taken.

At present, Chernyakov is put to Warsaw’s Bialoleka prison. It is noted that this prison facility is known as one of the harshest strict-regime correctional colonies.

In Russia, the former head of NPO Kosmos is convicted of 30 billion rubles embezzlement. This amount was provided as a loan by the Bank of Moscow for the construction of Alabyano-Baltiysky Tunnel, however, Chernyakov spent money in some other way. For instance, the judo academy was constructed in Moscow Region’s Zvenigorod. As a result, credits were not repaid, and the company’s debts exceeded 30 billion rubles ($439 million). Chernyakov who cosigned the bank loan has his debt of 15 billion rubles ($219 million). Loss from the fraud related to the sports facility is about 30 million rubles ($438 thousand).

Initially, Chernyakov evaded the creditors in Great Britain. However, when Bank of Moscow representatives found him there and made a claim against him for the High Court of London, the businessman did not come to the trials and escaped the British justice in a furniture car having hidden behind cupboards and armchairs. As a result, he was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in absentia in London.

Chernyakov’s next place of residence was Germany. However, vigilant neighbors there recognized him as the man who is wanted by Interpol and called the police. Then, the former head of NPO Kosmos decided to go to Ukraine through Poland but was detained at Warsaw Airport.

The remarkable thing is that none of the Chernyakov’s families appeared in court in Poland - even his spouse Anastasia Erokhova who fled from Great Britain with him.

In Chernyakov’s lawyer Ruslan Koblev’s words, he heard of the Poland Court’s decision, but it is not formally confirmed. He called the situation comic because, in his words, Andrey Chernyakov contacted the ombudsman Boris Titov and was going to return to Russia voluntarily to prove innocence.



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