Accounts Chamber head's friend whom Putin gave Labrador detained in St. Petersburg

Accounts Chamber head's friend whom Putin gave Labrador detained in St. Petersburg
Rushan Nasibulin

According to preliminary data, businessman Rushan Nasibulin is charged with fraud.

The police of St. Petersburg have detained businessman Rushan Nasibulin, who, according to some reports, is connected with the Head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexey Kudrin, informs Fontanka. It is reported that Nasibulin and several other persons involved in the case are charged with Swindling (Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the newspaper, entrepreneur Alexander Vnuchkin and Yekaterina Lebedeva, a resident of St. Petersburg, were also detained. The detainees are suspected of embezzling about 20 million rubles ($318.1 thousand) while working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under a contract on the development of technologies for producing fabrics for the civilian textile industry.

Presumably, Vnuchkin and Nasibulin have something to do with the company Inmed, which used to belong to Kudrin. In 2014, the Head of the Accounts Chamber allegedly acquired Inmed through his company Strategiya. According to unconfirmed information, Kudrin and Nasibulin are friends. The search of Nasibulin's home turned up photographs with well-known public officials, as well as items indicating that he produced the films Dovlatov and Hard to Be a God.

When rummaging Nasibulin’s country house, the police found photographs showing that Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously given the detainee a Labrador dog.

Rushan Nasibulin is known not only as a businessman from the political elite of the country, but also as a film producer that collaborated with Alexey German. He financed the shooting of the last film of the late classic of Russian cinematography Hard to Be a God, as well as the pictures of his son Alexey called Under Electric Clouds and Dovlatov.

According to Fontanka, Roman Plugin, Head of the police central office of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, was responsible for the operation to detain Nasibulin and other defendants.



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