A Tale of Crime Tailor – Taimuraz Bolloev. Part 3 

A Tale of Crime Tailor – Taimuraz Bolloev. Part 3
Taimuraz Bolloev

Taimuraz Bolloev’s companies practically were "feeding" foreign companies, using budget funds. The Crime Russia continues the series of articles, which prove the inefficient use of budget funds, as well as the presence of the criminal schemes related to the embezzlement of budget funds performed by the BTK Groups management in general and Mr. Bolloev in particular.

As the Crime Russia previously reported, with reference to the documentary base, the BTK Group JSC received tremendous budget funds and spent them as it thought fit – for reconstruction and technological support of its subsidiaries which served as its production sites: BTK Textil, BTK Trikotazh, BMK Melanzhist Altaya, BTK 4, and Karolina. There would have been no objections, if not for one curious detail – the BTK Group had a peculiar approach to the selection of equipment vendors. Only foreign companies were chosen as contractors out of tender conditions. At the same time, the commercial negotiations on this issue were led by a certain Heiko Horst Helfried Grunwald, a German citizen, born in 1965, and his colleagues, also foreigners. Incidentally, Mr. Grunwald graduated from the Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute, and since 2005 served as vice president of production at the BTK Group. The Crime Russia is publishing a list of equipment purchased for the BTK Textil, its worth over 35 mln. euros.

Высококвалифицированный специалист Х. Грунвальд.jpg

Photo: information on highly qualified specialist Mr. Grunwald on the website of the Russian Federal Migration Service

Among the many companies affiliated with Mr. Bolloev, the most notable is the BTK Holding JSC. Since March 2015, the director general of the company is Mr. Grunwald. There is a direct connection between this company and Mr. Bolloev himself. The JSC company belongs to Mr. Bolloev (99.99%) and the Granti Management Company JSC (0.01%), whose only member is Mr. Bolloev as well.

In 2013, Mr. Grunwald employed the Swiss company Schoeller Textil AG, which develops and manufactures innovative fabric materials, in order to carry out the government contracts ordered by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Schoeller Textil AG.jpg

Photo: Schoeller Textil AG

Initially, at the suggestion of Mr. Grunwald, the Swiss company has signed a license agreement for the development of production technology. However, over time the foreign company started to act as a supplier of raw materials, fabrics and equipment, despite the fact that this activity does not fit the company's profile. During 2013-2015, Schoeller Textil AG earned more than $100 mln, excluding the annual license fees.

Thus, a small Swiss company has greatly improved its financial well-being at the expense of the Russian budget, whilst finding a wealthy client, the BTK Group.

Декларация о соответствии. БТК групп.jpg

Photo: virtual document of the Customs Union, the declaration of conformity between BTK Group and Schoeller Textil AG.

However, Mr. Grunwald had bigger plans. He then initiated and personally supervised the procurement of raw and textile materials from foreign companies - Milliken (USA), Polartec (USA), Primaloft (USA), and Hampton (PRC).

As a result, the US company Polartec sold more than 300,000 meters of textile fabric for the production of the second layer of the off-season set of basic uniforms. This fabric has not been used in manufacturing and is still in stock of the BTK Groups. More than 100,000 meters of fabric for the production of the sixth layer of all-season set of basic uniforms was purchased from the Chinese company Hampton Chinese. This fabric was not examined and was accepted into production at a discount. However, the Defense Ministry bases refused to accept a certain part of the finished products that was manufactured using this fabric. The reason behind this was that the fabric was defective and failed to meet the necessary requirements. Still, the rest of the products was accepted for use in the military, even though it also had defects.

With this scheme, the budget funds kept leaving the country unchecked, and these were only the cases that could be proved. Not only Mr. Bolloev and his companies were involved, but the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the law enforcement agencies, and the banking supervisors as well, which means there is an entire criminal empire right under our nose. The Crime Russia is awaiting eagerly for the response from the law enforcement agencies in hope that they will take all the necessary measures against Mr. Bolloev and his many companies.




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