A Tale of Crime Tailor – Taimuraz Bolloev. Part 2 

A Tale of Crime Tailor – Taimuraz Bolloev. Part 2
Bolloev’s connections assured him cottonwool existence Photo: Gradus.pro

Bolloev’s connections assured him cottonwool existence: less than in 3 years his company received 646 government orders. The CrimeRussia continues the series of articles, which prove the inefficient use of budget funds, as well as the presence of the criminal schemes related to the embezzlement of budget funds performed by the BTK Groups management in general and Mr. Bolloev in particular.

Due to Mr. Bolloev’s connections, for several years now the BTK Group has been able to retain its role as the sole supplier of clothing equipment for the Armed Forces (in the 2013 report the BTK Group mentioned that it had signed multiple contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, amounting to a total of 58 bln. rubles), the Investigative Committee, the Interior Ministry, the Patrol Sentry Service, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being, Gazprom, Aeroflot, the Detsky Mir shop, and others.

The BTK Group has repeatedly missed deadlines for government contracts and has delivered goods that do not meet the technical requirements of the Ministry of Defense. However, the bases still accepted such products after making arrangements in the central office and in the field.

Yet even with connections like Mr. Bolloev’s, some problems could not be avoided. The Defense Ministry has filed a number of lawsuits totaling more than 3.4 bln. rubles. Almost all of them were associated with missed deadlines for government contracts and the supply of goods of inadequate quality.

It appears that the number of claims increased after Sergey Shoigu had become the new Defense Minister, and the department started to select its suppliers with more care, keeping a check on the execution of the orders given by their predecessors.

In this light, the new leadership of the Defense Ministry should have a lot of questions regarding the common practice of entrusting product manufacture to subcontractors at a higher value and without tender procedures. Manipulations like these led to the excess profits for companies affiliated with the BTK Group leadership, including Mr. Bolloev. In the current year, these excessive profits have already amounted to more than 150 mln. rubles.

Among the said affiliates are such names like Mayak-service, Samati, Consult-Service, Okrug, and Optima. By the way, these companies do not even have their own production sites of the necessary capacity, and so they reallocated the received orders to subcontractors, including the correctional colonies of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

The CrimeRussia brings to notice of its readers a list of products placed in affiliated companies in 2015. Based on the documents submitted, it can be observed that for some items the orders were placed repeatedly, but with a significant cost difference.

The cost difference should also attract the attention of the current leadership of the Defense Ministry in regards to yet another case of criminal machinations, which is the analysis of the purchase value for raw materials, fabrics and finished products. The said goods were purchased from the following BTK Group subsidiaries at inflated prices - BTK Textil, BTK Trikotazh, BMK Melanzhist Altaya, BTK 4, and Karolina. In essence, this way the BTK Group, its head Mr. Bolloev, the director general Drachev (a former FSB officer), and his deputies Podobedov and Shiyan simply siphoned off the allocated budget funds.

The next article will be dedicated to the criminal activities of Mr. Bolloev and his companies. The CrimeRussia will reveal the information about how the budget funds escaped from Russia and emerged in foreign accounts, all the while enriching their owners.

The CrimeRussia hopes that this hot topic will catch the interest of the Russian Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office, and that the relevant authorities will launch an investigation against these companies and personally Mr. Bolloev.




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