7 years in colony, $509m amends for Rostourizm ex-Head

7 years in colony, $509m amends for Rostourizm ex-Head
The court ordered Dmitry Amunts to pay 28.5 billion rubles ($509m) in compensation.

Lawyers of Dmitry Amunts thus declare that their trustee has no relation to theft from Mezhprombank.⁠

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow sentenced the former Deputy Head of Rostourism, Dmitry Amunts, to seven years in a penal colony. In addition, the court granted a civil claim for recovery of compensation for damages in the amount of 28 billion 513 million rubles (~$509m). As security for the suit, Porsche Cayenne and half of the house on Rublyovskoye highway were seized. In addition, the court banned Amunts, who was found guilty of committing a crime under part 5 of Art. 33, part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (Aiding in Embezzlement or Embezzlement, committed by an organized group or on an especially large scale), to engage in financial and economic activities for three years, newsru.com reports.

Lawyers of Amunts partially agree with the investigation in that part of the charge, where it is said that the founder of Mezhprombank, Sergey Pugachev, stole the funds of his own credit organization. At the same time, they argue that Amunts himself has nothing to do with this.

The investigation managed to prove that Dmitry Amunts, who was the general director of the united industrial corporation Development, and chairman of the executive directorate Alexander Didenko were participants in the criminal scheme in 2008-2009; they stole more than 28 billion rubles of Mezhprombank funds. The accomplices were arrested on August 26, 2014, and the organizer of the scheme, banker Pugachev, fled to London.

Didenko went to a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, in connection with which his case was separated. In July 2015 he was sentenced to three years of suspended imprisonment, but later the Moscow City Court changed the punishment from suspended to real.

The investigation of Mezhprombank funds embezzlement, initiated in 2011, is not over yet. As a result of the Central Bank audit conducted in 2010 it became clear that the bank's management issued 226 unsecured loans for more than 125 billion rubles ($2.2b).



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