7 counts of Summa group co-owners' case: details

7 counts of Summa group co-owners' case: details
Ziyavudin Magomedov

The main counts of the case of the Magomedov brothers centering on creating a criminal community and stealing 2.5 billion rubles ($43.6m) were pulled off in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yakutia, as well as when trading with Ukraine.

The investigation considers the Federal Grid Company (FGC) one of the main victims of the Summa enterprises, according to The Bell.

Three of the seven counts are related to the thefts from the electricity supplier in 77 Russian regions. The investigation, whose materials are referred to by the publication, believes contractor Globalelektroservis, which is part of the Summa group, converted roughly 650 million rubles ($11.3m) to its own use.

The counts involving the Summa enterprises refer to period from 2010 to 2013 and concern clandestine dealings in the supply of equipment and works on the Vasileostrovskaya substation in St. Petersburg, the Maya substation of the Neryungrinskaya power plant and the Elginsky Coal Mine.

The outlet notes that since late 2013 FGC was headed by Andrey Murov, son of the former Head of the Federal Protective Service Evgeny Murov. The Head of the board of directors of FGC is Pavel Grachev, the Director General of Polyus Gold, belonging to the son of Suleyman Kerimov Said. The interests of Kerimov and Magomedov have previously intersected in Dagestan.

According to the investigation, the contractor misled FGC concerning the real cost of the services. The investigation assumes that the accused stole large funds by overstating the cost of equipment and works and downgrading their quality.

Another 2 counts with a damage worth 1.15 billion rubles ($20m) are related to the construction of the Arena Baltika stadium for the World Cup and Khrabrovo airport in Kaliningrad. The companies controlled by Magomedov, according to the investigators, falsified the documents on the volume of performed works to their advantage.

The sixth count is connected with the construction company Intex, including in the Summa holding company. In 2015, the company landed a contract for 2.3 billion rubles ($40.1m) - it was supposed to reclaim a land plot of 16 hectares near the stadium on the Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg.

After the construction was completed, another contractor, which was supposed to be engaged in landscaping, announced that Intex had supplied little sand and had not installed all the piles, so the site and everything on it could slide back into the bay (there is still no expertise of the St. Petersburg authorities on this count). The investigation suspects Intex of falsifying documentation with damage of 668 million rubles ($11.6m). Yesterday the court arrested on this count Artur Maksidov, the General Director of Intex, who stated that he was not familiar with the Magomedovs and did not participate in the criminal community.

The seventh count of the criminal case of co-owners of the Summa group covers the withdrawal of assets from the state-controlled United Grain Company (OZK), in which 50% minus one share belongs to Summa. The investigation deems that between 2012 and 2013, $6 and $14 million were withdrawn from OZK under contracts with the offshore Newbey Investments, which in total caused damage to the company worth 613 million rubles ($10.7m). The co-owner of the holding Ziyavudin Magomedov pointed out at the trial that he himself had repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB on the theft of OZK assets, but those appeals had not yielded any fruit.

As previously reported, the total damage on all seven counts of the case, according to the investigation, exceeded 2.5 billion rubles ($43.6m). The Magomedov brothers were charged under three articles of the Criminal Code – Art. 210 (Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein), Art. 159 (Swindling on an especially large scale) and Art. 160 (Embezzlement on an especially large scale).

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