$408 million accounts and property arrested in Abyzov’s case

$408 million accounts and property arrested in Abyzov’s case
Mikhail Abyzov

This has been ruled by the Moscow City Court.

The Court upheld the Prosecutor’s appeal and arrested 27 billion rubles ($408 million) in an ex-Minister of the Open government Mikhail Abyzov’s case. RIA Novosti specifies it is about both the real estate and the accounts.

The arrest of 20 billion rubles ($302 million) had earlier been reported. This was ruled after the Prosecutor’s appeal related to the arrest of property of Abyzov, his relatives and companies that have ties to him had been considered.

The ex-official is accused of creation of a criminal community, abuse of official position and swindling on an especially large scale. The investigation assumes that from April, 2011, up to November, 2014, Abyzov stole 4 billion rubles ($60.5 million) from a few companies and withdrew the money abroad.

Copartners in the case are Nikolay Stepanov, Maksim Rusakov, Galina Fraidenberg, Aleksander Pelipasov, and Sergey Ilichev.

The investigation theory is that the criminal community founded by Abyzov had deceived share holders of OAO Sibirskaya energeticheskaya kompaniya and OAO Regionalnye energeticheskiye seti which allowed to commit the theft. All the defendants in the case will face up to 20 years behind bars.



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