$4.6 million disappear from Gazpom facilities late constructor's accounts

$4.6 million disappear from Gazpom facilities late constructor's accounts
Andrey Korkunov

The entrepreneur kept funds in the bank of Andrey Korkunov, the owner of chocolate factory A. Korkunov.⁠

260 million rubles ($4.6m) disappeared from the accounts of the late general director of Urengoygazspetsstroymontazh LLC Anatoly Synah. All funds were kept in Ankor Bank of Savings JSC, owned by a friend of the entrepreneur, owner of the famous chocolate factory A. Korkunov Andrey Korkunov. A preliminary investigation was conducted on the theft of the businessman's money by officers of the Main Directorate for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the MIA. This is reported by Kommersant.

The loss of funds was discovered by Irina Synah, the widow of the deceased businessman. According to her, the spouse had been friends with Andrey Korkunov for a long time, and in this connection he entrusted his savings of more than 260 million rubles ($4.6m) to the credit organization of Korkunov. According to the representative of the Synahs, the entrepreneur managed to earn such amounts by being engaged in the construction of Gazprom facilities for 35 years in the Far North. After the death of Anatoly Synah his wife addressed the bank to obtain information about the funds on her husband's accounts. According to the information received, at the time of the request about 10 million rubles ($177 thousand) remained on the accounts. Then Irina Synah appealed to law enforcement agencies with a claim about embezzlement of funds.

During the investigation the MIA officers found out that during the stay of Synah in the Israeli hospital (about a year ago the businessman had a heart operation there, but soon after it he died), almost all of his money was transferred to some Discount Finance LLC in the form of a loan. After the death of the businessman the organization began to pay interest. According to law enforcers, people who knew about the deplorable state of the entrepreneur could transfer the money. In addition, as the bank informed, there were no orders to transfer money from Synah himself – only an oral order was given by phone. However, the person who gave this order could not be identified.

In addition to 260 million rubles ($4.6m) that disappeared from the bank, shortly before the death another 80 million rubles evaporated from the bank cards of the businessman. It is noteworthy that it was Marina Yakovleva, the chief accountant of Urengoygazspetsstroymazh, who persuaded Synah to go for the operation to Israel, she allegedly knew a good surgeon there. She went there with Anatoly Synah because his wife was under treatment herself. Yakovleva received the original of the death certificate of the entrepreneur for the repatriation of his body to Russia. However, for some time after the funeral she kept the document in her possession, which did not allow the family of Synah to block the cards.

During the check it was found out that recently very large amounts had been withdrawn from these cards, and the addresses of ATMs that had issued money were near Yakovleva’s house on Kutuzov Avenue. In addition, it was found that after the death of the entrepreneur a plane ticket for Yakovleva from Tel Aviv and her own mobile phone account were paid for from one of the cards.

As reported by Kommersant, at the moment all the materials of the inspection are sent to the investigative authorities of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

It is worth noting that on March, 3 of this year Ankor Bank of Savings was stripped of its license. The reason for the revocation of the license was the placement of funds in low-quality assets and non-fulfillment of obligations to creditors. At the moment the owner of the main share – 75% of the bank – is wife of Andrey Korkunov Galina.

Correspondents of Kommersant could not contact Korkunov. Representatives of the Synahs also tried to phone him, threatening to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office, on which they received the SMS from the entrepreneur as follows: "Come on!!! Get started!!!"



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