300 million of Patriarch Alexy II stuck in Vneshprombank

300 million of Patriarch Alexy II stuck in Vneshprombank
Patriarch Alexy II

The heiress of the deceased Patriarch claims to give out money, which had been stored in the bankrupted bank.

The Moscow Arbitration Court received a petition from the Prioress of the Moscow monastery of one of the monasteries of the Estonian Alexandra Smirnova (abbess Filareta) with the requirement to include her in the list of Vneshprombank creditors. This credit institution, recall, featured in the scandal with the loss of over 200 billion rubles. Earlier this year, the bank has had its license revoked. One of the owners of the bank, Larisa Marcus, was arrested, another one, Georgy Bedzhamov, fled abroad. Vneshprombank kept savings of Russian officials, companies Rosneft, Rosneftegas, Transneft, the Russian Olympic Committee, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church. According to the materials of the Arbitration Court, in the same bank there were savings of the late Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II (Alexis Ridiger) - about 3 million dollars, 8.8 thousand euros and 9.3 million rubles.


According to Medusa, a native of the Yaroslavl region Alexander Smirnov (Ridiger) specified his heir in his will, which he made in 1976. Initially, Smirnova wanted to collect from the bank a little more than 305 million rubles, but the court reduced this amount to 297 500 000.

Abbess Filareta came to obedience of the future Patriarch Alexy II in the mid-60s, when he was still Archbishop of Tallinn and Estonia, as well as the Chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate. She subsequently headed the Moscow Puhtitsa Holy Dormition Monastery, located in Estonia. Nuns of this monastery bore obedience in the residence of the Patriarch, the staff for which, according to Alexy II, was picked by Filareta. She found Patriarch’s body on December 5, 2008.⁠



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