$2.6mn embezzlements detected in company belonging to Prosecutor General Chaika's son

$2.6mn embezzlements detected in company belonging to Prosecutor General Chaika's son
Artem Chaika

Nerudnaya Kompaniya Berdyaush LLC (Berdyaush Non-Metallic Company) produces crushed stone and is the largest crushed stone supplier for Russian Railways.

The MIA Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow has detected a major embezzlement in Nerudnaya Kompaniya Berdyaush LLC, a co-owner of which is the son of the Prosecutor General of Russia, Artem Chaika, Kommersant reports.

According to the criminal case, initiated by the investigative department of the MIA Main Directorate of the Moscow Central Administrative District on June 28 under part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code (Embezzlement), at least 150 million rubles ($2.6 million) had been embezzled from Berdyaush.

The complaint with the law enforcement bodies has been filed by the non-metallic company management with the knowledge of the company co-owner Artem Chaika. This happened after the audit of the company activities for the period from 2012 to 2014 revealed a major shortage.

In late August, three former directors general of the company – Dmitry Suprun, Ekaterina Krasnikina, and Vladimir Gats – as well as their deputy for economics Elena Dorozhevich were accused of embezzlements. They were charged with embezzlement committed by a group of individuals on an especially large scale, after which the Tverskoy Court arrested all four of them.

According to the investigation, tens of millions were illegally withdrawn from the accounts of Berdyaush NC within two years. The money would be transferred to the account of the now-nonexistent Russkaya Promyshlennaya Korporatsiya LLC (RPK) under the guise of payment for escorting cargo, that is, railcars with gravel for Russian Railways. However, according to the audit, RPK did not actually provide such services.

It is reported that one of the defendants, Vladimir Gats, has partially recognized the damage (8 million rubles from the incriminated 17 million = $138 thousand and $295 thousand, respectively) and copped a deal with the investigation. Last week, Gats's lawyer petitioned to change his measure of restraint to house arrest, but the court did not accept his arguments.



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