17 people arrested in Sovetsky Bank's swindling case

17 people arrested in Sovetsky Bank's swindling case
Sovetsky Bank (Soviet Bank)

Police arrested 17 people in 3 Russian cities in the framework of the Sovetsky Bank (Soviet Bank) swindling case investigation.

The people are suspected of being members of the gang that committed credit fraud. They were arrested in St Petersburg, Yakutsk, and Moscow in the framework of the case, according to the MIA of the Russia Federation Office of Public Affairs.

The gang members colluded with some employees of a St Petersburg bank in 2015, according to the investigation. It was already known the bank was about to lose its license.

Using straw persons, the perpetrators took a 150 million ruble loan in the Bank; they were not going to pay it back. They just stole it.

This case was much talked about, as pointed out by the Fontanka Media Outlet. The MIA did not name the arrestees.

Police had earlier arrested Mr Kuznetsov, a former Head of the Bank Credit Department, and Mssrs Tolstukhov, Chernishev, and Semenov, former ‘dummy’ directors of fly-by-night companies, in the framework of the case.

May we remind you that police conducted many searches in the framework of the case in St Petersburg on December 22. The case was opened on the allegation of breaking the article 159 (Swindling on an Especially Large Scale) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.



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