120 Dagestanis fraudulently “age” themselves to get retirement benefits

120 Dagestanis fraudulently “age” themselves to get retirement benefits
Muslim Makhmudov

The estimated damage from the fraudsters’ actions is dozens of millions of rubles.

A group of fraudsters who received retirement benefits based on documents that overstated their age has been exposed in Dagestan, reports REN TV. The scam was revealed after the detention of the deputy head of the village of Kuletsma, Muslim Makhmudov, who had made himself 34 years “older” and received 155 thousand rubles of pension for one and a half years.

The official, born in 1989, got a passport that said “1955”. After that, he applied to the Pension Fund for an old-age pension. In addition, Makhmudov acquired a fake employment book, which indicated that he worked on a collective farm from 1985 to 1996.

The press service of the prosecutor’s office in Dagestan reported that Makhmudov was released on bail. The official repented and compensated for the damage. It is reported that he retained his post.

According to REN TV, the prosecutor’s office and the Interior Ministry exposed “hundreds” of fake pensioners in Dagestan who stole dozens of millions of rubles. The fraudsters paid bribes for having their age altered in their passports (according to the channel, it was 10 thousand rubles per year), then they received fictitious employment books, and then turned to the Pension Fund, which took a bribe for turning a blind eye to the fraud.

The law enforcement agencies are now reportedly aware of 120 fake "retirees." An investigation is underway.



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