‘King of cash-out’ vs. corrupt policeman: Who wins this fight?

The Tomsk court has extended the term of house arrest for Andrei Krivoshein, the principal witness in the criminal case against Konstantin Savchenko, the former Head of the Regional MIA Administration for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption. The businessman intended to prove in court that superior police officials had forced local entrepreneurs to give them bribes ‘for patronage’ – but has unexpectedly become a suspect in a criminal case pertaining to illegal banking. The investigators believe that Krivoshein was the boss of a colossal underground ‘money laundering empire’. Who is now dragging down whom? Would the ex-policeman be able to put the disgraced businessman into prison or vice versa?⁠ Read

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It is Putin’s purges of staff
9 41
The detention was lawful - he is a corrupt official
6 27
This is demonstration of the fight with corruption
4 18
It is struggle between power structures; he was got in wrong
3 14

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