Battle for Transaero. Banks, investigators, and judges search for broke company’s money

Nearly forgotten Transaero Airlines still attracts the close attention of courts and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR). A criminal case has been instituted in relation to the company undergoing the bankruptcy procedure. Its creditors, insolvency administrator, and investigation are searching for missing billions of rubles. While VTB Bank is trying to pursue secondary liability on company's former owners, the ICR has initiated criminal proceedings against Andrei Kovalev, former Senior Accountant of Transaero. Read

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Maximum punishment must be applied
10 29.4
It's too little. The sentence should be more taught
8 23.5
Yes, it is a fair sentence
5 14.7
They should be forgiven, they are talented
5 14.7
The term they have already served in a pre-trial center is enough
4 11.8
There was nothing to punish them for
2 5.9

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