Urals: Seizure of Kamaz loaded with marijuana caught on tape 

Urals: Seizure of Kamaz loaded with marijuana caught on tape
Police footage

A video featuring border patrol arresting a Kamaz truck loaded with marijuana in the Chelyabinsk region on Kazakhstan border was uploaded on YouTube.

The FSB employees seized the truck at the Mariininsky border patrol station when it was trying to cross the Russian border on May 1, as earlier reported by the FSB Office of Public Affairs.

15 sacks (more than 170 kilos) with marijuana were found in the truck, according to the FSB. The sacks were hidden among similar packages with other goods, according to 31TV.ru. There were more than 50 sacks in the track. The first inspected sack was filled with groat. When border patrol officers opened the second sack they discovered some plant-based substance. The driver claimed he does not own the illegal cargo.

The FSB Chelyabinsk Region Department examined the truck cargo and confirmed it was marijuana.

It has yet to be reported what proceeding decision was or will be taken.

It is worth mentioning that the last large marijuana batch from Kazakhstan was discovered in a truck loaded with melons in the City of Krasnoyarsk in 2015. The FSB employees found 270 kilos of marijuana under 10 tons of melons back then.

Video: FSB detained KamAZ loaded with marijuana in the Southern Urals



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