Tuva senator asked Interor Minister about development in the "cocaine case"

Tuva senator asked Interor Minister about development in the "cocaine case"
Lyudmila Narusova Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The senator from Tuva also asked Vladimir Kolokoltsev about the number of policemen detained for planting drugs and requested to investigate the case of the Head of Chechen Memorial, Oyub Titiev.

At a meeting of the Federation Council on March 28 senator from the Republic of Tuva Lyudmila Narusova asked Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev about progress in the investigation of the case on smuggling a large batch of cocaine from Argentina, RBC reports. Before that Kolokoltsev told the senators about the fight against drugs in Russia.

"I want to ask a question that has a big national resonance, a resonance in the international arena - about the discovery of a large batch of cocaine in the territory of our embassy in Argentina. Has a case been filed yet? Are there any suspects? What is the classification of this issue? "- asked the senator after his speech. 

Kolokoltsev said that the investigation of the "cocaine case" began in December 2016. He added that "the guilty will be held accountable."

Narusova also asked Kolokoltsev about the number of Ministry of Internal Affairs employees detained for planting drugs and asked to investigate the case of the Head of the Chechen branch of the human rights organization Memorial, Oyub Titiev. In winter, Titiev was rounded up after a bag containing a substance "with a specific smell of marijuana" was discovered in his car. 

Kolokoltsev responded that over the past year 20 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were brought to account for such actions. 

Before asking her questions to the Minister, Narusova was asked Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko when it was necessary to register for a speech to address the Interior Minister. Matvienko replied that the registration of the speakers was "controlled by the machine". Then Narusova took advantage of the word she had already been given to ask the questions. Senator Boris Nevzorov called Narusova’s address to the Minister without the word given disrespecting and urged Matvienko "to break off such speakers". 

The "cocaine case" became known in February 2018. The Minister of Security of Argentina told about the discovery of 389 kilograms of cocaine in the territory of the school at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires. The suitcases with the drug were stored in school for about one and a half years. Diplomats and security officials of the two countries learned about the contents of suitcases as early as December 2016, according to the materials of the Russian investigation. It was possible to transport the cargo replaced with flour under the control of the siloviki only a year later. The defendants of the case were 5 people. The organizer of the smuggling is considered to be businessman Andrey Kovalchuk.



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