Tatarstan: charity fund volunteers raise money to produce drugs 

Tatarstan: charity fund volunteers raise money to produce drugs
Detention of one of the suspects

During the searches, the security forces seized a tiger cub, which they later gave to an equestrian school.

In Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Elabuga and Mamadysh, underage volunteers of the Zdoroviye Deti (Healthy Children) charity fund raised money on the streets, which the head of the organization spent mostly on the production of synthetic drug mephedrone. The security forces detained the president of the foundation, 32, and his two brothers, who had previously been convicted for 23 and 26 years, on suspicion of illegal production and sale of narcotic substances, Vechernyaya Kazan reports.

The police considers the foundation’s president, Magerramov Javid Daryatgulu Ogly, to be the organizer of a criminal group. A search was conducted in his apartment, during which 150,000 rubles ($ 2,300) and a tiger cub were seized. The animal was given to the children's and youth equestrian sports school Tulpar, the Tatarstan MIA reported.

The officers also searched the places of the two other suspects, as well as their artisanal laboratory. In the back room, they found equipment and precursors for the manufacture of drugs, as well as documents and other materials related to the organization’s work. In the courtyard of one of the suspects’ house, there was a Gazelle car, specially equipped for drying mephedrone weighing more than 5 kg, KazanFirst writes. In the car of one of the Magerramov brothers, 109.7 grams of mephedrone were found.

According to the investigators, Javid Magerramov hired teenagers to raise money, some of which was spent on charity. The lion's share of the collected funds was used to purchase components for the production of narcotics at chemical plants in Chelyabinsk, Moscow and the Moscow Region. The criminals sold it through the online store.

The suspects were detained on February 6.

According to the website of the Healthy Children Foundation, the organization has been operating since 2015 on the initiative of Rustam Akhmadiev (the foundation’s president), Eduard Sabirov and Javid Magerramov (the founder). Local residents have repeatedly complained, as KazanFirst writes, about the boorish behavior of the organization’s employees and about the frequent noisy gatherings in the premises of the foundation. In 2017, the media wrote about the orgies in the office, and a journalist of the Efir24 TV channel tried to get a comment from the foundation staff, but Javid Magerramov broke his camera and ran away.

In November 2016, a 13-year-old girl-volunteer working for the organization disappeared for three days. The police found her in the company of an 18-year-old boy at the foundation’s office. A criminal case was initiated against the young man under the article on sexual intercourse with a person under the age of sixteen. In addition, journalists caught Magerramov and his team on the illegal collection of funds on behalf of the charity fund Zhivi, malysh (Live, baby).



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