State prosecution demands life sentence for drug trafficker

State prosecution demands life sentence for drug trafficker

The precedent is proposed to be given for leader of the criminal group of drug traffickers Sharori Tabarov, aka Sher. He led a criminal group of people from Tajikistan who was accused of smuggling and trying to spread 600 kg of heroin on the territory of the Russian Federation.

As reported by the Prosecutor General's Office, a representative of the Prosecutor's Office demanded life imprisonment for the accused in drug trafficking for the first time in the history of modern Russia.

It's about the trial, which takes place in the Moscow Regional Court. On December 18, there will be announced the verdict in the criminal case against 15 citizens of Tajikistan who, from 2012 to 2015, committed crimes related to the import and attempted distribution of about 600 kg of heroin in the territory of Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office reported.

According to the materials of the criminal case, the defendants organized four large deliveries in batches of 105 to 190 kg of heroin, and several more - weighing up to 20 kg.

Given the severity of the deed, the state prosecution proposed a life sentence to leader of one of the structural subdivisions of the drug dealers’ criminal community Sharori Tabarov, known as Sher.

"The Prosecutor's Office sets a precedent," says the official podcast of the supervisory agency.

Sher is a dangerous recidivist, the Prosecutor General's Office stressed. In 2003, he was already sentenced to ten years in prison for illicit drug trafficking. At the request of Tajikistan, he was extradited to his homeland. After his release, Tabarov repeatedly came to Russia on a fake passport and became one of the leaders of the criminal community that organized smuggling of heroin from Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Heroin, according to the Prosecutor's Office, was delivered to Russia in waggons with plum and melon. Trucks passed through the territory of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community. Tabarov was engaged in supply logistics. In relation to the other accused, the state prosecution requests from six to 25 years in prison.



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