Son of high-ranking Yekaterinburg official jailed for drugs

Son of high-ranking Yekaterinburg official jailed for drugs
Yevgeny Kayumov

Earlier, another relative of the civil servant was accused of corruption.

District court of Yekaterinburg sentenced 28-year-old Aleksander Kayumov, a son of head of Gornozavodskiy district Yevgeny Kayumov. Aleksander Kayumov is sentenced to 4.5 years of general regime penal colony under article Illegal Manufacture, Sale, or Transmission of Drugs.

According to the court documents, Kayumov Jr., was arrested on the 21st of April of this year, when he tried to sell 0.86 gr. of cannabis. According to his father, the purchase was held under control of the police - mutual friend introduced his son to the straw buyer. Kayumov Jr. received labelled 1 000 rubles ($16) for drugs.

By the way, it is not the first time, when relatives of the official are sentenced. Thus, earlier brother-in-law of Yevgeny Kayumov, Sergey Kondratyev who held the position of chief specialist of the department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being, was sentenced to six years in jail for bribe.



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