Rostov antidrug MIA department caught covering dealer

Rostov antidrug MIA department caught covering dealer
So far, the MIA has not confirmed the information on dismissal of policemen

After the scandal, all the personnel of the department for the control of drug trafficking of the Leninsky Police Department in Rostov-on-Don was dismissed.

The antidrug department of the Russian MIA in Rostov-on-Don was fired en masse because of a scandal. This is reported by local media with reference to their own sources.

According to one version, 36 kg of drugs were found in the office of the head of the department; another version claims there were only 10 kg of drugs. According to the investigation, these drugs were given to the law enforcement department by a dealer as a commission for the provided protection. It was also him, who turned his patrons in.

At the same time, writes that the head of the anti-drug department, Yevgeny Yakimenko, was not fired but only received a severe reprimand. In two months he will retire.

The dismissed policemen may become involved in a criminal case on several articles: “Attempt to illegally acquire, store, transport, manufacture and reprocess narcotic drugs,” “Abuse of official authority,” “Exceeding official authority” and “Forgery of evidence and results of operational search activities.”



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