Rapper Basta’s nightclub searched for drugs

Rapper Basta’s nightclub searched for drugs
Vasily Vakulenko (Basta)

According to sources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there’s a drug trade is the nightclub.

The MIA raided Gazgolder nightclub owned by the rapper Vasily Vakulenko also known as Basta, said the Life. According to the police, a drug trade was going on in the building.

The searches were carried out by the MIA Drug Control Office in the Central District that raided the building on October 16 just before its closing time.

The officers found bags with ecstasy and cannabis hidden behind the bar. The investigation revealed that the drugs belonged to the bartender, 23-year-old Daria B., who denies the allegations saying she was using them and not selling.

Gazgolder nightclub located in a building of a 19th-century gas plant has been in operation since March 2005 with well-known Russian and foreign artist performing there. The building also has Andrei Tsukerberg’s tea lounge and a Chinese restaurant.



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