Plahotniuc calls Russian accusations "fantasies"

Plahotniuc calls Russian accusations "fantasies"
Vladimir Plahotniuc

The oligarch is convinced that it is an attempt to intimidate him.

Former chairman of the Moldovan Democratic Party, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc called accusations of Russia in heading the drug cartel “fantasies.” He stated this on his Facebook page, RBC reports.

Plahotniuc reminded that Russia initiates several criminal cases against him, which appear either during the elections or when Moldova does not make decisions that are beneficial to Moscow. The materials of all these cases are "fantasies and attempts to use any information against him."

The politician also pointed out that Interpol has already rejected “dozens of attempts of Russia to severely restrict” his freedom of movement because of “political persecution.” Plahotniuc also stated that he received messages "from the authorities of some countries regarding the actions of Russia." The aim of all these actions is an attempt to intimidate him.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia charged Plahotniuc in heading the criminal community and participating in it. He is charged with 28 episodes of smuggling of Moroccan hashish and selling on a particularly large scale. In February, the Interior Ministry called Plahotniuc and businessman Vyacheslav Platon the organizers of the Moldovan laundromat, through which more than 37 billion rubles were withdrawn from Russia. In April 2017, Platon was convicted by a Moldovan court for 18 years for unlawful withdrawal of funds from Russia.

In early June, a political crisis occurred in Moldova, as a result of which the Democratic Party was overthrown, and its leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, fled the country.



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