Over 60 kg of marijuana seized in Buryatia

Over 60 kg of marijuana seized in Buryatia

As reported on the Russian MIA's website on Saturday, law enforcement officers had seized over 60 kilograms of marijuana from local residents in the Bichursky region of Buryatia.

It is noted that traffic police stopped a car after one of the passengers had thrown bags into the roadway 100 meters before the police patrol. When inspecting the car, the police officers noticed dry herbs on a rug near the back seat; it were the same herbs packed in plastic bags lying on the road. The examination showed that it was marijuana.

It is specified that it belonged to one of the passengers. According to him, he had harvested the cannabis at the end of summer last year, not far from the Bilyutay village, "when moonlighting on a farm; I've asked my friend to carry the bags to my house."

A criminal case has been on the grounds of a crime under article "Illegal storage, production and transport of drugs" with a maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment.



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