Novosibirsk policeman caught stealing 3.5 kg of confiscated drugs

Novosibirsk policeman caught stealing 3.5 kg of confiscated drugs

Former police officer from Novosibirsk is accused of stealing confiscated drugs from the material evidence storage room.

Former officer of the district department logistics support Yury Malishevsky and his accomplice – ex-police officer Azamat Kokozhanov – were detained red-handed when attempting to sell 1 kg of confiscated drugs.

The investigation into the criminal case involving the theft of more than 3.5 kg of confiscated drugs from the material evidence storage room of the Kirovsky police department of the MIA Administration in Novosibirsk has been completed; all investigation materials have been referred to the court for further consideration on the merits.

The person accused in this case is the 34-year-old ex-police officer Yury Malishevsky; he faces a life sentence.

During the investigation, experts found that in the period from February to December last year, Malishevsky stole over 3.5 confiscated drugs from the storage room of material evidence. In addition to 1 kg of heroin, there were about 2.4 kg of synthetic drugs and about 140 grams of hemp oil.

It was also found that in December 2016, Malishevsky intended to sell a wholesale batch of mephedrone in the amount of 937 g. He wanted to get 350 thousand rubles ($5.7 thousand) for a consignment of drugs. At the same time, he promised to give half of the sum to his colleague Azamat Kokozhanov, who worked at the protection and escort battalion of the city MIA at the time.

According to the case file, it was Kokozhanov who had to pass the drugs to the buyer. He was supposed to give the goods to the client after Malishevsky called him on the phone to confirm that the buyer had transferred the money.

As a result, the deal fell through, as Kokozhanov was detained red-handed on December 21 last year. Employees of the Drug Control Department of the regional MIA General Administration found a package of drugs under the passenger seat of his car. After that, the operatives arrested Malishevsky, who was responsible for registering the confiscated drugs in the police department.

During the investigation, Kokozhanov confessed and copped a deal with the investigation. Later, he turned in Malishevsky and several drug dealers, with whom they had cooperated. As a result, his case was separated. The court reviewed his case without examining the evidence and sentenced him to 9 years and 3 months in a colony.

As for Malishevsky, the Kirovsky District City Court will soon consider his criminal case. According to the regional ICR, the former police officer has been charged with embezzlement of drugs on an especially large scale with the use of official position (part 4 of Art. 229 of the Russian Criminal Code); in addition, he is accused of attempting to sell drugs (part 3 of Art. 30, part 5 of Art. 228.1). The ex-policeman has partially admitted his guilt. He faces a life sentence.



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