Novosibirsk banker caught drug trafficking while on maternity leave 

Novosibirsk banker caught drug trafficking while on maternity leave
The seized drugs

In Novosibirsk, a 27-year-old employee of one of the banks has been caught selling drugs while on maternity leave.

According to the press service of the regional MIA General Administration, the drug dealer distributed drugs using 'staches'. It is noteworthy that previously she had no the problems with the law. Police detained the young mother when she was hiding drugs in a stache. Search of the detainee's apartment by law enforcers revealed several types of drugs with a total weight of 300 grams. They were hidden in a couch.

In addition, the police have also found tools for packaging drugs, electronic scales, and packaging materials in the banker's apartment.

"The suspect was distributing banned substances through wholesale staches for retail traffickers, as well as independently packaging and distributing single doses. In addition, she was looking for new 'stache-makers', placing ads about the 'work' in social networks," the police added. 

According to the operatives, the detainee is on maternity leave for child care; before giving birth, she had been an employee of one of Novosibirsk banks. The woman is prosecuted under the article about illegal sale of drugs on a large scale; she is arrested.



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