Moscow police chiefs dealt with drugs at work

Moscow police chiefs dealt with drugs at work

Police officers dealt prohibited substances officers among their colleagues.

Two officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who previously held senior positions in the Internal Affairs department for Moscow Marfino district, were arrested on suspicion of organizing drug trafficking, reports, citing sources.

Both security officials have already been charged, not only with organizing drug trafficking but also with creating a criminal community. It is noted that the security officers dealt with prohibited substances through the stashes on the territory of the department.

The case file features 35 crimes committed by the officers. Moreover, according to the investigation, other police officers were also involved in the criminal group, their identities are being established. It is assumed that they were subordinates closest to the officers - they made the stashes.

A check into these facts is being carried out by the employees of the Internal Security Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for North-East Administrative District. It was begun in the spring, and almost immediately the officers were transferred — one to the district Criminal Investigation Department, and the second - to the cynological service, and of note, to senior positions. In late June, they were detained and, at the request of the investigation, arrested. Both refused to testify.

The investigation of the criminal case is conducted by the capital central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Law enforcement agencies have not made official comments yet.



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