Moscow: patrol officers pour half a kilogram of sugar in drug to add weight

Moscow: patrol officers pour half a kilogram of sugar in drug to add weight

Former policemen diluted the detainee’s drug in order to bring a criminal case against him.

Two former police officers in the Moscow region of Lianozovo tried to improve the crime detection rate by adding 558 grams of sugar into the package with amphetamine, which was seized from a detainee. The idea of fraud came across the patrol officers’ mind after they detained and searched a drugged young couple in February last year. 34-year-old police officer Aleksey Tyapugin found a polyethylene bag with amphetamine and realized that – unfortunately – this amount was not enough to initiate a criminal case. Then, after consulting with his 31-year-old colleague Evgeny Tolstov, the patrol officer decided to increase the weight of the drug by adding sugar. At the same time, as the examination later found, Tyapugin poured more than half a kilogram of sugar into the package. После этих манипуляций, the law enforcer initiated a criminal case under part 1 of Art. 228 of the Russian Criminal Code (Illegal Acquisition and Storage of Narcotic Drugs without the purpose of selling) against the detained man.

However, the forensic examination, on which the detainee insisted, later revealed the sugar admixture. As a result, the lid of the fraud was blown off. Additional proof of their guilt was the printing of telephone conversations. The day before, the Butyrsky Court of Moscow sentenced the former police officers to actual periods of imprisonment. Ex-patrol officer Tyapugin received 1.5 years of imprisonment, and Tolstov got 1 years in a general regime colony.



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