Media learned about seizure of 400 kg of cocaine in Russian Embassy in Argentina

Media learned about seizure of 400 kg of cocaine in Russian Embassy in Argentina
Seized cocaine Photo: gendarmeria on Twitter

The Argentine authorities exposed the scheme for the supply of drugs through diplomatic missions to Europe and Russia, the local newspaper writes.

Law enforcement bodies of Argentina found 12 diplomatic packages with cocaine on the territory of the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires. This is written by the Argentine newspaper Todo Noticias. According to the publication, the law enforcement authorities found 389 kg of the drug, packaged in 360 parcels. Associated Press with reference to the Minister of Security of Argentina also reports on the detection of drugs.

The large-scale special operation was initiated by a call from the Russian ambassador in December 2016, the newspaper notes. The diplomat said that he found drugs in the school premises of the embassy.

An embassy employee brought the suitcases in July 2016. This person left the diplomatic mission the same year, the newspaper writes. According to it, the investigation found that five people were involved in this: two people in Argentina and three in Russia; they were detained. Among them, there is police inspector of Buenos Aires and “former Russian official” (according to AP – an employee of the embassy). The sixth suspect is hiding in Germany, the article said.

According to the Argentine newspaper, it was planned to send the parcels with the drug by diplomatic mail to Russia and “some European countries.”

Earlier on Thursday, TASS and RIA Novosti, referring to a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, reported that the special services of Russia and Argentina had conducted a joint operation to curb drug trafficking. The details of the operation “were not disclosed in the interest of joint operational activities.” The agency did not provide any other details.

RBC sent a request to the Russian Foreign Ministry. At the time of publication of the given article, it was not possible to contact the Russian Embassy in Argentina.



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