International drug cartel leader condemned for life in Russia

International drug cartel leader condemned for life in Russia
Sherali Tabarov

Sherali Tabarov has been found guilty of smuggling nearly 700 kg of heroin.

Infamous drug lord Sherali Tabarov has received a life sentence for organizing a supply chain for especially large quantities of heroin from Afghanistan to Tajikistan and transit through other countries to Russia. This is reported by the MIA's press service. 

The investigation was able to prove that Tabarov was involved in smuggling almost 700 kg of heroin. It is the first time that a life sentence of the head of the drug cartel in Russia has come into force. 

“The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has upheld the conviction of the Moscow Regional Criminal Court against the organizer of the international criminal community, Sherali Tabarov, as well as leaders and active participants of the criminal organization who were accused of smuggling and selling heroin on a large scale,” the Ministry reported. 

Previously, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced 14 leaders and participants of the drug cartel to imprisonment from 6 to 23 years; the organizer was sentenced to life imprisonment. The defense attempted to appeal this verdict. 

The MIA stressed that investigators worked on the case for four years. A complex scheme of the criminal community’s activity was revealed. The defendants were convicted of 20 particularly serious crimes. More than 696 kg of heroin was seized from the illicit traffic.



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