Heroin supply worth billions USD found at Ekaterinburg vegetable warehouse 

Heroin supply worth billions USD found at Ekaterinburg vegetable warehouse
After going through 20 tons of onions, security officers found 230 dummy-bulbs, which contained 25 kg of heroin

The notorious vegetable warehouse №4 in Yekaterinburg once again has the attention of the media and the society. It became known yesterday that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers in the Sverdlovsk Region carried out a special operation and found there large quantities of drugs. After going over 20 tons of onions, security officers found 230 dummy-bulbs, which contained 25 kg of heroin.

As the Sverdlovsk Region FSB press service reported, the heroin batch was carefully hidden and staffed. Portions of white substance were wrapped in airtight packaging with sticky tape, upon which onion peels were glued. The experts believe that the substance inside is a highly concentrated heroin, category 999. The cost per kilogram of such goods on the black market is estimated at 20 thousand USD. To increase profits from the end users, traders dilute the powder 6-8 times.

It is reported that the supply of the drug was organized by a native of Tajikistan. The FSB Investigation Department has launched a criminal case against him under art. 30 para. 3 in relation to art. 228.1 para. 4 subpara "g" of the Russian Criminal Code - "Attempt on the shipment of narcotic drugs on a large scale," and also para. 3 of art. 229.1 of the Russian Criminal Code - "Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs."

As a reminder, this is not the first case associated with the crime at the vegetable warehouse №4 in Yekaterinburg (Zavokzalnaya str., 26). The family of the former vice-mayor of the capital Viktor Konteyev (sentenced to 18 years) fought for this shopping facility, as well as entrepreneur Tatyana Rusina, criminal gangs Uralmash and Siniye. In 2013, the sales point was transferred to the custody of Rusina.

In March 2016, her team members - top manager of the warehouse Ivan Obukhov and Viktor Novikov - were arrested on charges of fraud. In the spring of 2016, security officials also neutralized the gang of the famous Azerbaijani kingpin Rovshan Dzhaniev, known in the criminal underworld as Rovshan Lenkoransky.

Вор в законе Ровшан Джаниев в последние годы проживает в Турции и оттуда пытается контролировать азербайджанскую диаспору в Екатеринбурге

Photo: thief within the law Rovshan Dzhaniev currently lives in Turkey, from where he tries to control Azerbaijanian expat community in Yekaterinburg

In the course of the special operation, law enforcers found that an actual organized criminal group was going wild at the warehouse. The gang members committed assaults, robbery, theft, drug trafficking, and also legalized the money they received from criminal activities. Prior to this, a certain Mahil Aliyev was arrested there, who cashed out the gang’s money and worked as their treasurer.

Video: heroin batch worth millions of dollars found at the warehouse No. 4 in Yekaterinburg



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