Head of Rostov MIA fired over 10 kg of drugs 

Head of Rostov MIA fired over 10 kg of drugs
Yevgeny Yakimenko Photo: A still from the show Dezhurnaya Chast (Duty Room)

Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Yakimenko wrote a resignation letter himself.

Lieutenant Colonel Yakimenko, the head of the Leninsky police department of Rostov-on-Don, has been dismissed after 10 kg of drugs had been found in the office of Vladislav Sergeev, the head of the anti-drug unit and his subordinate.

The local publications 1Rnd and 161.ru reported that the lieutenant colonel had filed a resignation letter immediately after the incident. According to sources, the Ministry of Internal Affairs felt sorry for Yakimenko at first and signed the document, since the silovik had just two months left before retirement.

"Yet, the decision was revised and Yevgeny Viktorovich was dismissed with a bad reference," says 1Rnd.


Vladislav Sergeev

The searches in Rostov police were reported on June, 22. All the anti-drug department employees of the city were fired after the drugs had been found in Sergeev's office, while Sergeev was declared a wanted man.



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