FSB eliminates drug producing OCG. 3 major labs discovered near Tver 

FSB eliminates drug producing OCG. 3 major labs discovered near Tver
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Components for the production of drugs were supplied from Ukraine, whose citizens are three out of six detainees.

The Federal Security Service has suppressed the activities of a Russian-Ukrainian drug-producing organized crime group. During the special operation, three major drug laboratories were eliminated in the Tver region, the FSB Public Relations Center reported.

The Center noted that six active members of the OCG – three Russians and three Ukrainians – have been detained red-handed.

The investigation estimated the cost of high-performance equipment for the production of narcotic substances at 3 million rubles ($45,900). 5 kg of ready-to-use mephedrone and amphetamine were withdrawn from trafficking. In addition, during the searches, security officers found about 600 kg of precursors and chemical reagents for the production of drugs worth about 20 million rubles ($306,000). It is established that the components for the production were supplied from Ukraine.

A criminal case under part 3 of Art. 30, part 5 of Art. 228.1 (Attempt at Illegal Drug Production on an Especially Large Scale) of the Russian Criminal Code has been initiated. Search and investigative actions continue.

Video: Three major drug labs eliminated in the Tver region



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