Former Deputy Head of MIA Nevsky Municipal Department arrested after pursuit of drug dealers 

Former Deputy Head of MIA Nevsky Municipal Department arrested after pursuit of drug dealers
Operatives detained three drug dealers Photo: Fontanka

Details of the detention with the chase of a group of drug dealers in Petersburg became known. In their homes and apartments, large quantities of drugs and a laboratory for their production were found.⁠

The City Court of St. Petersburg arrested Colonel of police in retirement Alexey Kharlashin, Fontanka reports. He was detained by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Vyborg District MIA after a pursuit of an armored SUV in which there were drug dealers. In addition, in the car there was citizen of Estonia Alexey Filipiev, who was also arrested. With a request for a measure of restraint for another Petersburger Vitaly Kulikov, who was in the car, the investigation did not appeal to the court. According to some reports, he works as a private security guard.

As reported, the detainees are charged with a crime under part 5 of Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Drug Sales on an especially large scale as part of an organized group). 29-year-old Estonian citizen Alexey Filipiev said that friends asked "to help sell something." He was behind the wheel of an armored SUV. "I agreed for 20 thousand rubles ($332). When some people with pistols began to hit the windows, I was confused," he explained after the detention.

However, later, during a search in his Petersburg apartment, 1000 tablets of synthetic drugs were found. And during the search of a private house in the city of Pikalevo, which the detainees pointed out during interrogation, they found a professional narcobaratorium. In the same place, 500 kilograms of a synthetic drug, packaged in tablets, was found.

The car with the Moscow numbers was bought in September 2016 and framed by a 43-year-old resident of Sosnovy Bor. Nothing is known about it yet. SUV is not searched.

In the car of the detainees there was found a kilogram package with an expensive drug. To date, Kulikov and Filipiev are placed into custody, and the ex-policeman is guarded in a hospital on Vavilov Street. When detained, the former Deputy Head of the Nevsky Municipal Department of Internal Affairs broke his collarbone.

The role of each of the detainees has not yet been reported.

Video: the pursuit of drug dealers in St. Petersburg



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