Federal Security Service liquidated European cannabis supply pipeline

Federal Security Service liquidated European cannabis supply pipeline

Operatives seized 136 kg of the drug.⁠

A large cannabis supply pipeline from Europe to Russia was eliminated. As a result of the special operation, a consignment of a drug weighing 136 kilograms was seized. Participants in the group were detained, the FSB Public Relations Center told TASS on Monday, August 14.

"The Federal Security Service carried out operational and investigative measures to suppress the activities of persons involved in the organization of a transboundary channel for the supply of a narcotic hashish in an especially large scale from the EU countries to Russia, with a view to its subsequent sale in the regions of the Central Federal District," the agency quotes FSB.

Suspects of involvement in the actions of the group were detained in the Moscow region at the time of the transfer of another batch of drugs.

Earlier, in March 2017, the Federal Customs Service together with the police liquidated the pipeline for the supply of hashish from the Baltic region to the north-west of Russia. The drug was transported in the caches of heavy vehicles that were passing customs in Ivangorod. During the operation, 266 kilograms of the drug were seized.



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