Family of Chechen suspected of drug trafficking wishes him dead in live TV broadcast 

Family of Chechen suspected of drug trafficking wishes him dead in live TV broadcast
Khuseyn Khadizov

A high-profile drug scandal extensively covered by the Chechen media has broken in Chechnya. According to Grozny TV channel, 3,500 psychotropic pills had been seized from a Pyatigorsk resident of Chechen origin. Relatives of the detained Khuseyn Khadizov have publicly declared their disgrace and condemned his actions.

Relatives of the Chechen native Khuseyn Khadizov, accused of drug trafficking, wished him dead in a live broadcast by Grozny CHGTRK (Chechen State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company). According to Kavkazsky Uzel, the TV show was aired in the evening of November 23.

In the telecast, the father of Khuseyn Khadizov Sayd-Akhmed said that he had been “disgraced before the leader and the people.” Khadizov’s brother and uncle also condemned his deed.

The news story showed drugs taken from the detainee; packs and boxes with alleged drugs arrayed on the office floor. Surprisingly enough, the collection also included Tropicamide eye drops.

According to the Chechen MIA, drug-using Khuseyn Khadizov used to live in Pyatigorsk, from where he established “an uninterrupted supply of illegal drugs to Chechnya.” Khadizov was detained red-handed with 4 thousand packages of “narcotic fluid” and 3.5 thousand “tablets of psychotropic action”. He is currently in custody.

“None of us knew that he was doing this. Damn him and all those who follow him. He should have been killed on the spot, rather than detained,” Kavkazsky Uzel cites one of the detainee’s family members; another relative noted that he “would have done away with him back in Pyatigorsk.”

Khuseyn Khadizov’s father

Khuseyn Khadizov’s father

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has long been prioritizing the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction in the republic. To recall, November 7, Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his page in Instagram that “drug addiction is as evil as banditry.” He also noted that since the appointment of Khasmagomed Kadyrov as head of the MIA Drug Control Department in the Republic of Chechnya, “the fight against drugs has sharply intensified.”

It is worth noting that Kavkazsky Uzel had previously reported that several Chechen residents had been detained for alcohol consumption and held in a gym. In the scandal with the persecution of people of unconventional sexual orientation by law enforcers, former inmates of secret prisons mentioned there were also suspected drug addicts, as well as persons dealing with drug trafficking along with gays in those prisons.

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