Ex-policeman jailed for drug trafficking

Ex-policeman jailed for drug trafficking

The Novy Urengoy City Court found Oleg Kachurin guilty of an attempt to sell drugs on an especially large scale and exceeding official powers and sentenced him to 12 years in a strict-regime colony.

The city court of Novy Urengoy sentenced former operative of the regional department of the Federal Drug Control Service Oleg Kachurin to 12 years in a strict security colony for Exceeding Official Powers with the use of violence (part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code) and Attempted Sale of drugs on an especially large scale (part 3 of Art. 30, part 5 of Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code), the press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District reports. In the summer of 2017, Kachurin was detained with 3.7 kilograms of the drug. At the same time, the former policeman was drugged.

The episode with exceeding official powers took place in October 2015. According to the prosecution, Kachurin, being the senior operative of the Novy Urengoy department, "use physical violence" to a couple taken to a local psycho-neurological dispensary. He was fired from the bodies.

Two years later, the former drug policeman found the unidentified person via the Internet, with whom they conspired to sell drugs. The prosecution notes that Kachurin knew a lot "about methods of conspiracy in committing crimes in the sphere of illicit drug trafficking." In July, the ex-policeman took 3.7 kilograms of the drug and brought them to Novy Urengoy. He was detained while trying to plant the substance in a hiding place, being drugged.

The court sentenced Kachurin to 12 years in prison in a strict regime colony and a fine of 250 thousand rubles. Also, he was deprived of the rank of Major and the right to hold positions in law enforcement bodies for two years.

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