Ex-officer of Tyumen police made ‘stashes’ for drug addicts herself

Ex-officer of Tyumen police made ‘stashes’ for drug addicts herself

And then incarcerated them.

A former police officer who served in the drug control unit will be tried in Tobolsk. The accused has illegally cast into prison a drug-addicted Tobolsk man.

The investigation believes that in May 2015, Tatyana Chernega, a 33-year old detective serving in the unit for combating illegal drug trafficking of the Criminal Investigation Department of Tobolsk Intermunicipal Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), has staged a provocation sale of drugs to a local 39-year-old drug-addicted person. The police officer tried to create the appearance of effective combating drug-related crimes; to implement her plan, she engaged a 34-year-old drug-addicted women.

Following detective’s instructions, on May 23, 2015 the drug-addicted women put drugs to a cache in the lobby of a residential complex in Tobolsk. Then the women told a drug-addicted man she knew and Tatyana Chernega about the ‘stash’. The police officer informed her colleagues who attempted to catch the man in the act. The attempt failed, and then, as per detective’s instruction, the women convinced the drug-addicted man to return the drugs to the cache. The man did as requested, and on May 25 he was detained by four policemen, including Tatyana Chernega.

In August 2015, the drug-addicted man was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. He is still in the penal colony, the press-service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Tyumen Region reports.

The abuse of power by Tatyana Chernega has been uncovered by investigators of the Tyumen Regional Administration of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation. The woman fully admitted her guilt and is now awaiting the trial under written undertaking not to leave the place. Tatyana Chernega is facing 3 to 5 years in prison for abuse of power with severe consequences.



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