Ex-police chief jailed for 10 years over kidnapping of foreign resident  

Ex-police chief jailed for 10 years over kidnapping of foreign resident

Several police officers of Tatarstan, Russia, led by Colonel Ruslan Khalimdarov, aiming to stage a major operation to thwart drug trafficking, kidnapped a Kazakh citizen and made up a criminal case against him. The foreigner was sentenced to 13 years and has served 10 of them.

The ex-Head of police of Tatarstan, Ruslan Khalimdarov, was sentenced by the Moscow City Court to 10.5 years in a colony of strict regime, the newspaper Business Online reports from the courtroom.

Colonel Khalimdarov and his former subordinates Valery Kovylin, Rashid Shaydullin, Anatoly Khodko and Vladimir Egorov were found guilty of Abduction (Art. 126 of the Criminal Code), Drug Smuggling (Art. 188 of the Criminal Code) and Deliberately False Testimony (Art. 307 of the Criminal Code). All of them were sentenced to terms from 8 to 10.5 years of a colony.

As the court established, in 2005, police officers of Kazan, in order to improve their 'performance', kidnapped a citizen of Kazakhstan, Sumbat Oganov, and took him to Russia. 9 kg of hashish were planted on the kidnapped, subsequently he was accused of drug smuggling. Then, the court sentenced Oganov to 13 years in prison in a criminal case concocted by the police officers.


Ruslan Khalimdarov was detained in 2013. He was charged with abuse of power and illegal drug trafficking. The Investigative Committee petitioned for the arrest of Khalimdarov and his alleged accomplices, officers, but the Kazan court sent them under house arrest. They were placed in the detention center only after the case had been transferred to the central office of the Investigative Committee in Moscow. In September 2014, the court returned the case file to the Prosecutor's Office, but a new charge was brought against Khalimdarov - kidnapping.

The case was to be tried by the Supreme Court of Tatarstan, but the Chairman of the Investigation Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, appealed to the Head of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Lebedev, with a request to change the territorial jurisdiction due to the bias of local courts. As a result, the high-profile case was reviewed by the Moscow Regional Court.

The kidnapping case against the victim was reviewed by the court in 2015, he was found guilty of only one count and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Oganov was paid 500.000 rubles ($8.5 thousand) as a compensation for the extra 2,5 years spent in the colony.



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