Ex-Deputy Head of MIA Nevsky Department runs the show with drugdealers 

Ex-Deputy Head of MIA Nevsky Department runs the show with drugdealers
The case was filmed

Criminal investigation officers staged a chase for drug dealers; among them there was retired ex-policeman.

Employees of the Сriminal Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Vyborg district detained drug dealers; among them there was Alexey Kharlashin, the ex-Deputy Head of the Nevsky Department of Internal Affairs.

As Fontanka informs, late on the evening of June 20, operatives tried to conduct a control purchase from drug traffickers, who came to the meeting on the armored Lexus-570. In the cabin there were five kilograms of drugs. However, the deal broke down when the criminals suspected something was amiss. The police began to pursue an SUV. At this time, the fugitives decided to get rid of the evidence, scattering powder directly from the windows of the car. On the prospectus of Engels, the operatives began to shoot at the wheels and the drug dealers were detained.

Among the three detainees, one was a citizen of Estonia. The other was a former high-ranking policeman.

Alexey Kharlashin began his career in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Admiralteysky district, where Sergey Muzika was then in charge. When the latter was appointed the Head of the Nevsky district, Kharlashin became chief of the police - Deputy Head of the Nevsky Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. After transferring Muzika to the regiment of the patrol police service, Kharlashin retired.



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