Defendant in “cocaine case” Bliznyuk found among graduates of Moscow University of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Defendant in “cocaine case” Bliznyuk found among graduates of Moscow University of Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ivan Bliznyuk

According to information on the educational institution’s website, Bliznyuk completed his studies in May 2016.

Argentine policeman Ivan Bliznyuk, who was detained in the case of smuggling cocaine from Argentina to Russia, was trained at the Moscow University of the Interior Ministry named after Kikot. The defendant’s close friend, who wished to remain anonymous told RBC about this.

In addition, on the website of the educational institution, the publication found pictures of a person very similar to Ivan Bliznyuk among the graduates of May 2016.

According to information on the university's website, “on May 28, 2016, graduation ceremony of specialists from the Institute of Public Security in Buenos Aires (Argentine Republic), who successfully completed the training course on “Developing the skills of patrol and guard service,” was held. The post has photos attached to it; on one of them, Bliznyuk sits at the table with a name tag in front of him.

RBC's interlocutor also reported that the detained policeman worked for many years as a security in the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires, since he was a policeman. It is to be recalled that the fact that Bliznyuk was studying at the Moscow MIA University, was also mentioned on February 23 by the Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

Representatives of the University also visited Argentina: in October 2016, a “return visit” was made. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Security of Argentina in a special news post dedicated to the arrival of the Russian delegation. On the video and photos from the meeting, one can also see a man resembling Bliznyuk.

In June 2017, Argentine law enforcers visited the University again, according to the website of the Russian educational institution. Bliznyuk, presumably, was among the members of the Argentinian delegation. The interlocutor of RBC identified him on the photo posted on the MIA University’s website. At that time, the investigation, according to the data published by the Argentine police, had already begun.

Bliznyuk, according to the Argentine media, is 36 years old; he moved to Argentina at the age of 18 and worked for many years in law enforcement agencies of the country.



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