Daughter of Samara crime lord living in Cuba busted on drug sale

Daughter of Samara crime lord living in Cuba busted on drug sale
Detention of Yashin

Kristina Zagarinskaya got seven years in colony.

The daughter of infamous Samara crime lord Sergey Yashin aka Dokhly, Kristina Zagarinskaya, has been found guilty of selling drugs. She will be placed in an ordinary-imprisonment colony for seven years. This is reported by Samarskoe obozrenie referring to the corresponding court decision. 

According to the investigation, Zagarinskaya was a member of a criminal group led by 36-year-old native of Tajikistan, Fatkhidin Ziyaev. The gang was busted in the autumn of 2015. At the same time, searches were conducted in a residential building in the Vtorchermet village, in a country house in the Zapanskoy village, as well as in an apartment where Zagarinskaya is registered. As a result of the searches, drug dealers seized 627 g of the drug. 

It is established that the criminals would distribute heroin by means of stashes, as well as in correctional facilities of the Samara and Orenburg regions. 

Apart from Zagarinskaya and the gang leader, seven more people were under investigation. Part of the defendants have already been sentenced to colony terms (from 14 to 19 years), and one of the defendants died in a prison hospital when the case was being heard by the Sovetsky District Court.

There were several people who concluded pre-trial agreements; they cooperated with law enforcers and got smaller sentences. Zagarinskaya also pleaded guilty and wanted to conclude a pre-trial agreement, however, the investigation did not find her statement not valuable enough. Nevertheless, the court took her position into account and sentenced her to a term below the minimum. 

As for the father of Kristina Zagarinskaya, according to the latest reports, Sergey Yashin has lived in Cuba for several years; he rarely visits Samara. 

In the 90s and early 2000s, Yashin’s OCG was very famous. Its members controlled a number of profitable directions, such as mortuary industry, but then the group disbanded.



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