Daughter of Rostov crime lord Fyodor Sagomonov turns out to be drug baroness 

Daughter of Rostov crime lord Fyodor Sagomonov turns out to be drug baroness
Fyodor Sagomonov's daughter

There was a whole drug lab in her apartment.

In Aksai of the Rostov Region, the daughter well-known in this region crime lord Fyodor Sagomonov, Emma, was detained. The girl was found to possess drugs – in the purse of the student of the Russian State University of Economics “RINH” there were 70 doses of the so-called “salt.”

Police also searched the apartment of the crime lord's daughter and found a laboratory for the manufacture of synthetic drugs. Fyodor Sagomonov testified and said that it was the first time for him to see the items and components for drugs production found by the police. In addition to the laboratory, 500 grams of ready-to-use drugs were found in the apartment.  



A criminal case was initiated against Sagomonova. According to sources, she had already confessed to her deed – according to Emma, her duties included making stashes in Rostov. 




The last time the Rostov media mentioned Fyodor Sagomonov in connection with the assassination attempt on him in January 2014. Then an unknown shot twice in his stomach. In serious condition, he was hospitalized.



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