Criminal Investigation Department head son accused of drug trafficking served in army during investigation 

Criminal Investigation Department head son accused of drug trafficking served in army during investigation
Danil Chikunov in the military unit, the regiment of the NBC protection settlement Sapernoe, Leningrad region

The son of the Police Deputy Chief in Ishimbay, detained with a large consignment of drugs, went on trial as a witness, then became a suspect, and then was called up for military service and again witnessed. The CrimeRussia received documents related to a loud case.⁠

Earlier we wrote about how the son of the criminal investigation officer of Ishimbay, Lieutenant-Colonel Valery Chikunov, Danil Chikunov, who was found 350 bags with amphetamine in his BMW, suddenly became a witness in the criminal case. Now, new details of a loud criminal case in the Republic of Bashkortostan have been clarified.

It turns out that while the investigation of the criminal case was underway, Danil Chikunov was called up for military service, despite the fact that the recruitee was actually under the investigation of the suspects. The investigators who conducted the case did not report this fact to the military enlistment office, and Chikunov himself did not intend to talk about his criminal past.


Detention of Danil Chikunov

The fact that at the time of the call-in Chikunov appeared in the criminal case as a suspect, is confirmed by two documents that were received by the CrimeRussia during our own investigation.

As it became known from the letter of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring (Rosfinmonitoring), which gave its assessment of the activities of the defendants at the request of the Investigation Department of the Federal Service for Drug Control of Russia in Bashkortostan, as of December 2015, Danil Chikunov is a suspect. He is mentioned in the letter as one of the persons who concealed the criminal origin of money coming from the sale of drugs.

The response to the request to the military commissariat of the city of Salavat from 2016 confirms that at that time Chikunov was already a serviceman. After the call-in on December 3, 2015, he was sent to the military unit 12086 for military service.

That is, while Rosfinmonitoring made a review about the criminal activities of Danil Chikunov and the other figurants of the resonant case, he was already on the train.

чикунов в поезде

Danil Chikunov goes by the basic military training

However, during the service, the person involved in the case, who was previously suspected, again became a witness.

The procedural status of Danil Chikunov was changed either because of active cooperation with the investigation and active repentance, or because of the influential connections of his father, who could lose his post in law enforcement if his son was charged. At the moment, Danil Chikunov has already demobilized, again is up the tiles, regularly visits nightclubs, the source of the CrimeRussia informs.


Weekdays of Danil Chikunov, August 2017. Voice Night Club in Salavat

Recall that the ICR in Bashkiria is currently conducting three checks at once on the facts of abuse of authority and forgery by an official, the signs of which are found in the actions of police officers. They were started after the investigators of drug control were accused of falsifying the evidence by other defendants of the criminal case Ruslan Yanchurin, Marat and Arthur Halliulins and Alexey Lobanov. Unlike Chikunov, two of them are currently in jail, the other two are under house arrest.




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